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I have a form that needs to use two combo boxes but the values in the second combo should come from two different tables based on the first combo selection. If I select option A in combo_1 I want to list all the agency names from tblRefAgency in combo_2. If I select option B in combo_1 I want to list all of the carriers from tblrefCarrier in combo_2. I can add VB code to hide/show two different combo boxes and then overlap them, but I feel I should be able to do this in a query. Thoughts?

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As long as you are dealing with a single form, you can easily set the row source of the second combo in the After Update event of the first combo.

If Me.Combo1=1 Then
    Me.combo2.RowSource = "SELECT ID, Description FROM tblRefAgency 
End If

If the 2nd combo is bound to a field, you will also have to set the combo in the current event to ensure that data is displayed properly.

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That is exactly what i was hoping for. Thank you Remou! –  dbills Jul 25 '12 at 19:50

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