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I was wondering if anyone could explain why when I use the following code I get different results. For further explaination, I'm using a dll that was created in C#, it's an rcon framework. The richtextbox displays 3 lines then will not display anymore whereas my debug console continues to get data from my rcon connection.

I'm using:

Private Shared Sub HandleMessage(args As BattlEyeMessageEventArgs)
    Form1.RichTextBox3.AppendText(args.Message & vbNewLine)
    Form1.RichTextBox3.SelectionStart = Form1.RichTextBox3.TextLength
    If args.Message = "Connected!" Then
        Form1.Button3.Enabled = True
    End If
End Sub

If it helps, here's the C# code for the EventHandler:

using System;

namespace BattleNET
    public delegate void BattlEyeMessageEventHandler(BattlEyeMessageEventArgs args);

    public class BattlEyeMessageEventArgs : EventArgs
    public BattlEyeMessageEventArgs(string message)
        Message = message;

    public string Message { get; private set; }
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Anyone? I feel like this is a valid question. I can post more of the C# Library I'm using if that would help. – Brent Hacker Jul 30 '12 at 15:23
try Form1.RichTextBox3.InvokeRequired and use a delegate to append text – Constantin Aug 6 '12 at 19:25
Constantine, can you elaborate a little on what "InvokeRequired" is and post it as an answer? – Brent Hacker Aug 9 '12 at 15:31
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private delegate void UpdateRichTextBox3Delegate(RichTextBox3 textBox, string text);
private void UpdateRichTextBox3(RichTextBox3 textBox, string text){
        textBox.Invoke(new UpdateRichTextBox3Delegate(UpdateRichTextBox3),new object[]{textBox, text});
    textBox.AppendText(String.format("{0}{1}", text,Environment.NewLine));

Check if RichTextBox3 doesn't require to be invoked first before updating it.

call UpdateRichTextBox3(Form1.RichTextBox3, "some text to append");

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