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Using the ContentObserver i get to know that there has been some change in the contacts database but I need to know which contact has been deleted or updated from device contact list. Is there any working example which can achieve the same? Any help would be appreciated.


Out of the entire contacts I have in the Phonebook, there is only one particular contact for which I need to know if the content has changed. In such case, can I have an observer just for one specific contact and not for the entire phonebook ?

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Assuming you manage to query the provider before the sync adapter associated with it manages to process the update you can check the DIRTY or DELETED flags in RawContacts. The other option is to mirror VERSION and ID and match the contents of the provider against your local copy, which is when it starts to get messy. (Btw, one call to the ContentObserver may indicate that several contacts have been changed or deleted) – Jens Jul 25 '12 at 19:48

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