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  • Domain: I'm trying to develop a mobile app (a game) for two environments, Android and iPhone-iPad.
  • Foreknowledge: I know how to develop apps for both of these environments.
  • Problem: I found pretty interesting framework for cross-platform development like: PhoneGap: http://phonegap.com/ and xamarin: http://xamarin.com/monoforandroid.
  • the problem is if I go for platform-specific development, it'll be very much of time consuming process. Also, I am really worried about performance downside of the cross-platform frameworks, especially for games CPU intensive usage. I'm talking about games here, any help?
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It seems you've identified the major trade off - the lack of performance when using a cross platform library (Or at least, the lack of control of performance) vs the time consuming nature of writing a separate, native, app for each. So only you can answer the question, which trade off makes more sense for you and your goals –  Ghost Jul 25 '12 at 20:49
What you said is true, I just asked cause I want to know opinions from people who developed mobile games for multi-platforms before and what they've chose and what problems they faced. –  ZGTR Jul 25 '12 at 21:00

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