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I'd like to "include" a view in all my other views.

Look at my website :

The "Classement" on the right is displayed on every page but I don't know how to include it the "django style". Right now I'm using AJAX call to display the "Classement" on each page.

Can you help me find a better solution ?


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You solution fine too. If many you users disable js and have problems with browsing you can implement tags (as say arie), middleware for hardcore djangodevs :). But now you have problems with static. Look at you image paths /static/media/... or /static//. static for css, images for design, media for user content and editable content. – nk9 Jul 25 '12 at 21:14
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If you need the table on every page i would use an inclusion tag and include it in the base template that all relevant pages inherit from.

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Indeed inclusion tag seems to be the best solution for my needs. – BenoitD Jul 26 '12 at 6:05

There are several approaches you can take to that. One is to write some middleware to add some more data to each response as it leaves the view. The other would be to write your own template tag to render the section in question. Look here for middleware and here for template tags.

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