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I have an app, locally in development without a subfolder, and in production i have it deployed under /myappname/

So, locally I have http://myapp.dev and in production http://mydomain.com/myappname

which my root route does:

root :to => 'products#list'

which works great, even in production.

Now, i have a default match action:

match '/:controller(/:action(/:id))'

which breaks in production, so i started trying to build a restful route, but i need some help... I can't wrap my head around the routing. I think i have the proper start (with scope, below)

scope '/myappname' do

format would be /myappname/products/show/15

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Hm. I would expect all the routes to work relative to the "home page", so why don't you just go with

  resources :users

or any other route definition from the examples in config/routes.rb?

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  scope "/mothers" do
    root :to => 'rings#list'
    match '/rings/:id' => "rings#show", :as => :ring

  root :to => 'rings#list'
  match '/rings/:id' => "rings#show", :as => :ring
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