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I have an XML response from a URL that is being converted into an array of hashes which looks like:

      "BuildLoc"=>{"$"=>"1 Happy Place"},
      "SecrTitle"=>[{}, {}],
      "SecrName"=>[{}, {}],
      "DisplayName"=>{"$"=>"Joe Smith"},
      "BuildStreetAddress"=>{"$"=>"123 Happy town"},
      "BuildCountry"=>{"$"=>"United States"}

What's the easiest way to extract the value of "DisplayName" and "InternalSMTPAddress"?

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That actually looks like a hash of hashes, some of which contain an array of hashes. –  the Tin Man Jul 25 '12 at 21:32

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If you assign the returned hash to a variable named "hash" you can access the two desired values for those keys like:

=> {"$"=>"Joe Smith"}


=> {"$"=>"Joe.Smith@happy.com"}

If you want the actual data in them add a trailing ['$']:

=> "Joe Smith"

=> "Joe.Smith@happy.com"
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That works perfectly –  user1552900 Jul 25 '12 at 21:47

If you need to find some key in nested hashes use this method:

def find_key(hash,key)
  hash.each {|k, v|
    return v if k==key
    tmp=find_key(v,key) if v.is_a?(Hash)
    return tmp unless tmp.nil?
  return nil


hash = Hash.new
hash["key1"] = "value1"
hash["key2"] = "value2"
hash["key3"] = Hash.new
hash["key3"]["key4"] = "value4"
hash["key3"]["key5"] = "value5"
hash["key6"] = Hash.new
hash["key6"]["key7"] = "value7"
hash["key6"]["key8"] = Hash.new
hash["key6"]["key8"]["key9"] = "value9"

find_key(hash,"key9") => "value9"
find_key(hash,"key8") => {"key9"=>"value9"}
find_key(hash,"dsfsdfsd") => nil
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