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I have a Spring app that I want to implement the autocomplete feature in JQuery. If I have a local Array it works perfectly and filters the list while I enter values in the input box. If I change it to use a data source, it returns the list but does not filter the list based on the entry of the input box.

I have read the Jquery UI tutorial many times and have used the examples located at http://viralpatel.net/blogs/spring-3-mvc-autocomplete-json-tutorial/ and http://blog.m1key.me/2011/10/jquery-ui-autocomplete-spring-mvc.html but I still can't find a definitive answer why does the local array values get filtered automatically but a returned list doesn't?

I can get it working by filtering myself in my query but since it filters with the local array I figured it would do the same for a list that is returned from the db.

Am I doing something wrong? Should the list from the db be filtered the same way as the local Array is?

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Please post your code. Hard to say what's wrong without it. –  rjsang Aug 30 '12 at 0:01

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@RequestMapping(value = "/getProductAutoCompleteList.do", method = RequestMethod.GET, headers="Accept=*/*")
    public @ResponseBody List<String> getProductAutoComplete(@RequestParam("term") String prodName, HttpServletResponse response){
        logger.info("getProductAutoCompleteList called with parameter: " + prodName);
        final List<String> productList = ProductSearchHelper.getProductAutoCompleteList(prodName);

        return productList;

Make sure you

  1. specify response.setStatus(HttpServletResponse.SC_OK);
  2. optional, setContentType as application/json, having @ResponseBody annotation, Spring MVC invokes a MappingJacksonHttpMessageConverter built on the Jackson JSON processor. This implementation is enabled automatically when you use the mvc:annotation-driven configuration element with Jackson present in your classpath.
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