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I'm trying to do something akin to this:

$schema->resultset('Foo')->create({ Property => 1,
                                       Bar => { 
                                                Property => 'non-unique',

Where Bar is a belongs_to relation to another table, Bar, with an auto-incrementing primary key.

Problem is that behind the scenes, dbix is always doing a select and finding an existing row in Bar with Property = 'non-unique', and inserting that row's PK into Foo. What I'd like it to do instead is create a new row in Bar each time with a new auto-generated primary key.

Is there a way to tell DBIx not to search for a matching related row first, but to force it to always create the related row?

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create_related() or new_reated() The latter creates the related object, the former creates the object and saves it in the DB.

So, given an Foo->Bar relationship called 'bars', more like:

 $foo = $schema->resultset('Foo')->create({ Property => 1 });
 $bardata = {Property => 'non-unique'};                            
 $foo->create_related('bars', $bardata);
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