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I have a few iOS projects that all use the same intro videos. The video files are not in any of the project folders. When I add them by reference to the Xcode projects, I can't track (add?) them with Git. Does the file need to be local to the project folder to add them to a repo, or is there a way to do this? I add them by reference so I can make changes to the one video and have it reflect in all the projects.

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for situations like this, where i share code amongst projects, i create a git submodule that contains the common code, where the git submodule is basically a mini-clone of a git repository of that common code.

thus, for source that is shared, i can play with it in the submodule of one project without affecting the other projects until i'm happy with it and commit and push it to the submodule's origin/master, and merge it from there to the other projects. the same should be possible for binary as well.

this way, the tracking does show up in Xcode for me.

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