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In mysql it is possible to make a fork in the command "SET"?

Like this:

UPDATE `table`.`data` SET `hits` = (`hits`-1<0 ? 0:`hits`-1) WHERE `data`.`id`='15';
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It seems bizarre that you'd want to subtract one from id and then if the result is positive, use zero. ids are usually positive. And even stranger that you have a where clause that requires id to be 15, so you know for certain that id - 1 will not be negative. Are you sure that your pseudo code is correct? –  Mark Byers Jul 25 '12 at 22:12
was just an example do not worry. I put id by mistake, within the FORK –  Guilherme Nascimento Jul 27 '12 at 18:34
Because the negative vote? I can not understand? –  Guilherme Nascimento Jan 7 at 16:22

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Use the IF function:

UPDATE `table`.`data`
SET `hits` = IF(`id` - 1 > 0, 0, `id` - 1)
WHERE `data`.`id`='15';

In this specific case you could also use LEAST.

UPDATE `table`.`data`
SET `hits` = LEAST(`id` - 1, 0)
WHERE `data`.`id`='15';

Your code seems wrong though. I'm almost certain that you meant to write this:

UPDATE yourtable
SET hits = GREATEST(0, hits - 1)
WHERE id = 15;
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