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A morning of googling I've learnt a few things. Many people would like to use their CI2 installs to make a soap server for other apps to talk to their app. However, each forum post I find ends in 'This doesn't work in CI2' or similar.

I've found this article:

Which is GREAT... but I can't get it working in CI2.

I've put my library in place, renamed where needed and this code is bringing up many errors. I've not started on the client side yet.

`class soap extends CI_Controller {

function __construct ()
    parent:: __construct ();

function index()
    $this->nusoap = new soap_server();

function getProd($category) {
    if ($category == "books") {
        return join(",", array(
            "The WordPress Anthology",
            "PHP Master: Write Cutting Edge Code",
            "Build Your Own Website the Right Way"));
    else {
            return "No products listed under that category";


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Got fed up, using CI REST library instead (cheers Phil!) :)

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