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How can I get a portion of the string from the beginning until the first non-alphabetic character?

Example strings:

  • Hello World
  • Hello&World
  • Hello5World

I'd like to get the "Hello" part

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You need to use the preg_split feature.

$str = 'Hello&World';
$words = preg_split('/[^\w]/',$str);

echo $words[0];

You can access Hello by $words[0], and World by $words[1]

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You can use preg_match() for this:

if (preg_match('/^([\w]+)/i', $string, $match)) {
    echo "The matched word is {$match[1]}.";

Change [\w]+ to [a-z]+ if you do not want to match the 5 or any numeric characters.

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The subgroup, /i flag and brackets can all be safely dropped. –  minitech Jul 25 '12 at 22:22

Use preg_split. Split string by a regular expression

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If you only want the first part, use preg_match:

preg_match('/^[a-z]+/i', $str, $matches);

echo $matches[0];

Here's a demo.

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Use preg_split to get first part of alpha.
$array = preg_split('/[^[:alpha:]]+/', 'Hello5World'); echo $array[0];

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