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How is automatic alignment of properties, in-buffer settings and similar things enabled?

I always end up with something like this and then have to align manually.

#+STARTUP: indent
#+COLUMNS: %ITEM %foo %bar

* section
  :foo: foo
  :barbaz: barbaz

However I found some signs alignment should happen automatically. E.g. there is this:

(defcustom org-property-format "%-10s %s"
  "How property key/value pairs should be formatted by `indent-line'.
When `indent-line' hits a property definition, it will format the line
according to this format, mainly to make sure that the values are
lined-up with respect to each other."
  :group 'org-properties
  :type 'string)

Is there a command that will fixup a property to respect that? Shouldn't a property inserted with org-set-property follow that format? M-x org-indent-line doesn't do anything for me and indent-line doesn't exist.

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org-indent-line did not do the right thing when the property keyword was right at the beginning of the line. It does now.

Also, from a fresh git pull, using C-M-\ on the region will indent the region.

To format the options header you can select the region you want to align and do

M-x align-regexp RET <space> RET

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