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I can't find a good solution to having the UIPageViewController preload the surrounding ViewControllers.

Right now what happens is when the user starts to turn the page, nothing happens, the code calls

- (UIViewController *)pageViewController:(UIPageViewController *)pageViewController
       viewControllerAfterViewController:(UIViewController *)viewController

and once its loaded thennnn it shows the animation. This takes too long and is not smooth.

Anyone have a solution?

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Create a mutable container and when you show the first view, create the two viewController that would be needed if the user pages, once you have the viewController object ask it for its view (to get it to load the nib and call the controller's "viewDidLoad:" method. You need to figure out a system on identifying the viewControlers so you can retrieve the viewController you need). You might be able to do the heavy lifting here in a block on a dispatch_queue.

From then on, when the user pages, you look first in the container for the viewController, and if not found, you have to do it in real time.

You probably want to use a dispatch_group so that you can wait on it for pending blocks to finish before paging.

Everytime the user pages, you will look and see if the pages surrounding that page are in the container or not. You could also pre-fetch more viewControllers - like two forward two reverse at each page shown.

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I basically have this implemented, and I have the call to ask for the controllers view (to call viewdidload), but it still has a significant delay from when the user starts to scroll and from when it displays the controller. Its as if its not really loaded, just partially –  Eric Jul 25 '12 at 23:20
So, do you have all your "heavy lifting" done in viewDidLoad, or do you have some in viewWillAppear? I am using this technique with great success... –  David H Jul 26 '12 at 0:20
The only thing my content view controller does is in viewdidload it sets the UIImageView (which is full screen) to an image. It doesnt do any "heavy lifting" anywhere. –  Eric Jul 26 '12 at 0:51
So you then have some problem you don't know about. If the "new" viewController only does some minimal amount of work. why the delay? I use this feature with no problems, yet my viewControllers have a lot of compelexity, must load many images and complex text items. Something is amiss here. –  David H Jul 26 '12 at 1:10
+1 for “ask for its view.” That was all I needed. –  Andrew Nov 19 at 16:22

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