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So I am new to deploying to an Ubuntu Server (12.04). I have nginx and unicorn installed. Everything seems to be working except for the fact that I don't know how to point it to my app. Currently I am pointing to 'home/administrator/apps/my_site/current/public' however all my files are in 'home/administrator/apps/my_site/app/views/'. I am currently only pointing to the static files like the error htmls and the default rails index.html. How do I get nginx to point to my views/app?


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If you're using Nginx + Unicorn then you don't point Nginx at any path, you run up unicorn on the server and then have Nginx proxy all it's requests to the unicorn instance. I would recommend looking at using foreman and then it's foreman export upstart which exports ubuntu upstart scripts for controlling unicorn.

This link gives you details on how to config your nginx site.

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