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I have a text in a file file.txt like this

a    b   c // delimited by tab

I know using sed I can find and replace text in a file. If a line starts with a b(seperated by a tab) I need to replace it with d e f. So the above file will be

d    e   f // delimited by tab

I can do this to find and replace, I want only those instances where the line starts with a b and replace the whole line.

sed -i 's/a/\t/\b/\t\/c/REPLACED TEXT/g' file.TXT
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Use a ^ symbol to represent the beginning of a line:

sed -i 's/^a\tb.*$/REPLACED TEXT/g' file.TXT


  • ^ means beginning of line/input
  • \t means tab symbol
  • . means any character
  • * means zero or more of the preceeding expression
  • $ means end of line/input
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+1 for the explanation –  Ank Jul 25 '12 at 23:17

The following will replace the entire line if it begins with a<tab>b<tab>c. The .*$ makes the match include the entire line for replacement. Your example regex included c but the prose only mentioned a and b, so it wasn't quite clear if c is required. If not, then remove \tc from the regex.

s/^a\tb\tc.*$/REPLACED TEXT/g
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yes we can remove \tc .. The line only have to start with a and b –  Ank Jul 25 '12 at 23:16

With awk

awk '/^a\tb/{$0="REPLACED TEXT"} 1' foo.txt
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This might work for you (GNU sed):

sed -i '/^a\tb/c\replacement text' file
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