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I'm trying to convert MS Access Cross Tab query into SQL Server stored procedure but having issue with pivoting data in SQL Server.

Here's the MS Access cross query I want to convert -

TRANSFORM Sum(NZ(Actuals!Amount,0)) AS Amount
SELECT Actuals.PS_OV, Actuals.Period, Actuals.Program, Actuals.Actuals_Year
FROM Actuals
GROUP BY Actuals.PS_OV, Actuals.Period, Actuals.Program, Actuals.Actuals_Year
PIVOT Actuals.Source;   

Values from the Source column (i.e. Equipment, Expense, Furniture, Leasehold) are pivoted to columns. Kindly advise how to do this in a SQL Server stored procedure?

Many thanks.

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In SQL Server your PIVOT would like be like this:

    , Period
    , Program
    , Actuals_Year
    , IsNull(Amount, 0) as Amount
    , Source
  FROM Actuals
) x
  FOR Source IN ([Equipment], [Expense], [Furniture], [Leasehold])
) p
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