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I assigned some icons to a TPopUpMenu but it looks like it changed to ownerdraw (it's set to false)... I also use the XP Manifest but it still looks so old (Win2000 Style)... Is it possible make it look like in windows/explorer? Maybe a component?

Here's an image displaying the problem:

Delphi 7 Popup with Images (Themed)

Thank you for your help.

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What does "assigned some icons" mean? TPopupMenu accepts images from a TImageList; is that what you're referring to? It also doesn't require OwnerDraw, even in Delphi 7. Can you post an image that shows the problem you're trying to solve, and more details about how you're doing things now? Thanks. – Ken White Jul 26 '12 at 1:33
I see the problem. I've edited to add an image to demonstrate. I created this by using the standard D7 included icons, added an TImageList and a TPopupMenu to a new application's main form, assigning the imagelist to the popupmenu, and setting some random imageindex values to some new menu items, and dropped aTXPManifest on the form to add theme support. You're right - the drawing is terrible, but it's not owner-draw. It's just extremely outdated Delphi 7. – Ken White Jul 26 '12 at 1:46
@Ken Owner draw is exactly right. When you attempt to include images alongside menu text then the VCL passes MFT_OWNERDRAW to the Win32 menu API InsertMenuItem. This is still the case in today's Delphi. It's not owner draw in the sense that the programmer has to draw it, but it's owner draw in the sense that Windows won't draw the menu and so the VCL does. – David Heffernan Jul 26 '12 at 10:05
@Ken And today's Delphi still has lots of bugs in its owner draw menus. That's why I modify Menus.pas to avoid owner draw and stick to system drawn menus. It's really tragic because you don't need to use owner draw menus to get glyphs since Vista. And even worse, MS provide sample owner draw Vista menu code that works, but Emba can't seem to translate that from C to Delphi. Sigh. – David Heffernan Jul 26 '12 at 10:06
@David, thanks for the correction. My mistake in phrasing. Point remains the same, though - D7 is antiquated, and whether 100% of those shortcomings have been corrected or not, modern versions of the VCL are considerably better on current OSes. :-) – Ken White Jul 26 '12 at 11:01

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This is just a problem with Delphi 7 being extremely outdated. It was fantastic at the time it was released, but it's a decade old now and its age is showing.

You might find Toolbar2000 useful. In spite of the name, it includes a really flexible replacement for TMenu and TPopupMenu functionality that allows you to make your menus look like those in Office 2000. (See the note on the linked page with the bullet item Office 2000 style menus, which states:

Office 2000-style menus There is no clear distinction between menus and toolbars, giving you the utmost in flexibility. Toolbars can contain menus, menu bars can contain buttons, and they can share the same items.

It's been released as freeware (with source), so it's available, and AFAICT it still supports Delphi 7. If it's not, Toolbar97 (available from the same URL) will provide similar functionality.

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@BenjaminWeiss, I have no idea (don't have it on this machine), but Delphi 7 isn't Unicode compatible. If you're using it's TPopupMenu, Toolbar2000 will work for you as well. The web site provides info on features and compatiblity; if you can read this, you can get to that site. :-) If you're not using TPopupMenu your question is totally incorrect and you should edit it to indicate that fact. – Ken White Jul 26 '12 at 1:57
@BenjaminWeiss, I just checked. According to the downloads page (don't let it fool you - the Toolbar2K license indicates it's free now), it's compatible with D2009, which means it has to be Unicode-friendly. – Ken White Jul 26 '12 at 2:01
@BenjaminWeiss: Is this a new question? The one I answered was about how to overcome the deficiency in D7's theme support. I don't know what your latest comment is asking. – Ken White Jul 28 '12 at 4:56
There is no "explorer theme". I have no idea what it is you're asking here, but it appears to be something new. Please post a new question, and post images of what you're getting now and what you want instead. – Ken White Jul 28 '12 at 5:14
No, that's the wrong solution. Post a new question. Changing this one after it's been answered makes it look like the answers you've received are wrong or different. StackOverflow isn't about hitting moving targets - if you have a new question, ask a new question. – Ken White Jul 28 '12 at 5:17

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