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hello friends.

I am a korean student.

and I am making augment reality iPhone app with Xcode 4.3

so I need to capture frame from camera.

then I searched "how to capture from camera"

and I finally found that using AVCaptureVideoDataOutPut is only possible to capture frame from camera..

but I don't know how to use AVCaptureVideoDataOutPut to capture frame from camera.

also I have not found exactly source code using AVCaptureVideoDataOutPut.

so I can't make argument reality app anymore.

so I really want to see or get source code which is code

using AVCaptureVideoDataOutPut to capture frame from camera in IOS 5.x not IOS 4.x

please help me.

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First, see the AV Foundation Programming Guide. Particularly read the "Media Capture" section.

You will then want to look at the AVCam sample code. It covers much of what you're looking for.

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