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I did a web search but found nothing on this. I am running redis on a cluster and would like to find out which machine is connecting to redis ( especially when no machine is supposed to be connecting, but redis still says some machine connected).

thanks in advance.

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With MONITOR, only the clients actually sending traffic to Redis will be shown. If you just need to get a list of connected clients, you can use the CLIENT LIST command.

$ redis-cli client list

It will return a table whose fields are described there:

Redis "Client List" purpose and description

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great, that's exactly what I need. – qkhhly Jul 27 '12 at 15:33

Did you try the MONITOR command?

 $ redis-cli monitor
 1339518083.107412 [0] "keys" "*"
 1339518087.877697 [0] "dbsize"
 1339518090.420270 [0] "set" "x" "6"
 1339518096.506257 [0] "get" "x"
 1339518099.363765 [0] "del" "x"
 1339518100.544926 [0] "get" "x"
 Use SIGINT (Ctrl-C) to stop a MONITOR stream running via redis-cli.

 # OR 
 $ telnet localhost 6379
 Connected to localhost.
 Escape character is '^]'.
 +1339518083.107412 [0] "keys" "*"
 +1339518087.877697 [0] "dbsize"
 +1339518090.420270 [0] "set" "x" "6"
 +1339518096.506257 [0] "get" "x"
 +1339518099.363765 [0] "del" "x"
 +1339518100.544926 [0] "get" "x"
 Connection closed by foreign host.
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