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i want code to change global variable inside a function in actionscript 3

eg :

var m:String;
function kkk()
  m = "kkkkkk";
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you didn't run the function kkk() – Raptor Jul 26 '12 at 2:13

if you want to use global vars in as3 you will need to create a class to hold them in one place and the reference the vars in that class. More Info

This is you global class (

    public class GlobalVarContainer 
        public static var vars:Object = {};

This is how you access them

  import GlobalVarContainer;

  GlobalVarContainer.vars.groupingID  = 1
  GlobalVarContainer.vars.mediaID = 4
  GlobalVarContainer.vars.facultyID = 5
  GlobalVarContainer.vars.studentID = 2
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