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How can I use number_to_currency and make it delete the zeros in the decimal part?

So if I have a number 30.50, I want to keep the .50, but if I have 30.00, I want to delete those zeros. I see the precision, but I don't know if I can use it conditionally to just be applied if the trailing decimals are zeros...


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num = 30.00
number_to_currency(num, :precision => (num.round == num) ? 0 : 2)
  => $30

num = 30.05
number_to_currency(num, :precision => (num.round == num) ? 0 : 2)
  => $30.05
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I use money strings , so I do it a different way :

def string_to_cents str
    new_str = number_to_currency(str,  :format => "%n")
    if new_str && new_str[-3..-1] == ".00"
        new_str[-3..-1] = ""
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