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My query were these: But I have this error instead: "Must specify exactly one of project, tag, or workspace"

When I try out for the workspace with this: I have this error: "assignee: Missing input"

However, I will get a list of tasks if i use the projects instead...

Please advice.

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(I work at Asana)

You must always filter a task query with something, as we do not yet support pagination and all tasks in a workspaces will usually be a huge volume of data. Specifying a project implicitly scopes the query to a workspace, as every project exists in exactly one workspace. You can specify assignee, but then you must additionally filter by workspace.

So your choices for filtering tasks are either by project or by BOTH assignee and workspace.

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Thanks a lot Greg, for your prompt response :) –  Carolyn Jul 26 '12 at 4:44

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