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I am trying to run a functional test in Python using Selenium, and I want to retrieve the value of a global variable in Javascript that has been declared on a certain page.

Normally browser.execute_script("return globalVar;") works fine, but this variable is declared within $(document).ready(function(){, and Selenium can't locate it.

So Selenium can return the variable when it's declared like this:

var globalvar = 0;

but not like this:

    var globalvar = 0;

Is there anyway I can use Selenium to return the value of the javascript global variable from within the Jquery document ready?

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That's not a global variable. It is local to the scope of the anonymous function. So no, you can't access it.

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Wow, I've been working in Jquery for too long. I completely looked over the fact that the document ready is a function itself. –  markstadt Jul 26 '12 at 4:02

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