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Using the Hackbook Facebook code I have a problem with the screen just after the user logs in to Facebook. Right after the user logs in s/he gets the same pre-login screen. When the login button is pressed, s/he get to the correct (showLoggedIn) screen. See below is the code that is used, but I have yet to figure out the changes necessary.

Is there any way in which there is a break in the code to login to Facebook and then after the login sequence (through a browser) to continue to the next sequence (showLoggedIn)? Thank you.

- (void)login {
    HackbookAppDelegate *delegate = (HackbookAppDelegate *)[[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate];
    if (![[delegate facebook] isSessionValid]) {
        [[delegate facebook] authorize:permissions];
    } else {
        [self showLoggedIn];
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try this Todd

- (void)login {

// Check and retrieve authorization information
NSUserDefaults *defaults = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];
if ([defaults objectForKey:@"FBAccessTokenKey"] && [defaults objectForKey:@"FBExpirationDateKey"]) {
    facebook.accessToken = [defaults objectForKey:@"FBAccessTokenKey"];
    facebook.expirationDate = [defaults objectForKey:@"FBExpirationDateKey"];
if (![facebook isSessionValid]) {
    facebook.sessionDelegate = self;
    NSArray *permissions = [[NSArray alloc] initWithObjects:
    [facebook authorize:permissions];
    //  [permissions release];
} else {
    [self showLoggedIn];

i am using ARC thats why i have commented permission release, i hope this serves what you needed

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Hi, I do not think that will work for me as it just checks and retrieves authorization information. When I plugged it into the code, I got the same thing...I have to press the login button again to get in. Thank you. –  Todd Pleeter Jul 26 '12 at 15:51

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