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I need to read alert & confirmation messages displayed in pop ups using java and print it on the console. On export of the selenium recording from the IDE as a Junit4 (WebDriver) java file, my code is:

private WebDriver driver;
private String baseUrl;
private StringBuffer verificationErrors = new StringBuffer();

public void setUp() throws Exception {
driver = new FirefoxDriver();

Now when I tried to use getAlert or getConfirmation functions as shown:

public void testSample() throws Exception {
Alert alert = driver.switchTo().alert();
message = alert.getText();
System.out.println("message is "+message);

I get the following error:

at com.example.tests.Sample.testSample(Sample.java:40)
at com.example.tests.Sample.main(Sample.java:149)
Exception: null

How do I handle this? Also is there any other way of reading the pop up messages?

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In the testSample() method when you navigate to any page by using -


After that can you explain how the alert message comes up in the 1st place.

Are you sure that the pop up message which appears is a javascript alert or any window which is opening up.

If it is a an alert message then you can access it by using -


But if the pop up is another window then you will have to use -


You can get more information about this from here.

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