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I would like to have multiple uploadify buttons and be able to tell what file input was clicked. Is there a way to get the id of the button that was clicked or some other way to identify the file? For example I would like to know that the first input with ID "job_1237_1" was clicked if I have inputs:

    <input class="file_selector" type="file" name="file_upload" id="job_1237_1" /><br />
    <input class="file_selector" type="file" name="file_upload" id="job_1237_2" />

with JS:

// options...

Is this possible?

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I'm not familiar with uploadify, but does it force you to name all your file elements "file_upload"? If not, give them different names, and the name of the one that was used will show up in the receiving page's $_POST array. –  octern Jul 26 '12 at 5:29
More precisely, all of them will show up, but only the one that was used will have a filename associated with it. –  octern Jul 26 '12 at 6:29

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