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I'm trying to add a couple of navigation "panes" to Shadowbox on my site. I found the following bit of code to do so, which is working but relies on quite a bit of inline CSS. I'm attempting to move this out to shadowbox.css, but I can't seem to get that to work. Here's the code:

var cssNavButtons = {cursor:"pointer", position:"absolute", width:200, height:"100%", top:0, "z-index":400};
var navBtnRight = $("<div/>").css(cssNavButtons).css({right: 0, background:"url('images/nav-right.png') center center no-repeat"}).click(function(){Shadowbox.next();});
var navBtnLeft = $("<div/>").css(cssNavButtons).css({left: 0, background:"url('images/nav-left.png') center center no-repeat"}).click(function(){Shadowbox.previous();});

I have tried to set the vars navBtnRight and navBtnLeft to use the external CSS file like so, to no avail:

var navBtnRight = $("<div/>").setAttribute("class","sb-bignav").setAttribute("id","sb-bignav-right").click(function(){Shadowbox.next();});

Can anyone let me know why this wouldn't work? Thanks!

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You seem to be using jQuery, in which case you need the .attr() method (which works on jQuery objects), not the .setAttribute() method (which works on DOM elements).

Though to add a class I'd use .addClass("sb-bignav") rather than .setAttribute("class","sb-bignav").

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Thank you very much! –  NaOH Jul 26 '12 at 6:12

Try using

element.setAttributeNS("null","attribute_name",value) .
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