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I need to write a query that will generate a sort of sequenced ID for each record... so for example:

ID      Customer Name
C1000   customer #1
C1010   customer #2
C1020   customer #3
C1030   customer #4

now, these "C1000" ids don't exist... only the customer names. I need to generate them when I do the select... so I can save off the output, and then import into the new system.

how can I do a:

   'C' + (some kinda code/math that generates the count based on a sequence?  or row number?),
from Customers


I ended up doing the following (so I could configure start# and increment size):

DECLARE @start int; 
DECLARE @inc int; 
set @start = 1000; 
set @inc = 10; 

Select 'C' + CAST(@start + (@inc * (ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY name))) as varchar) as NewID, Name
from customer

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You'll need something to order by or the generated sequences will be unpredictable (will change between runs). –  Remus Rusanu Jul 22 '09 at 16:53

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Use ROW_NUMBER() as in this example.

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