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I've been following tutorials online on C coding, and the code is using the Apache APR library. It uses the apr_proc_t structure to execute an external app. I'm confused about this function, could someone explain what this function means:

apr_status_t apr_procattr_cmdtype_set   (   apr_procattr_t *    attr,
        apr_cmdtype_e   cmd 

Set what type of command the child process will call.

    attr    The procattr we care about.
    cmd The type of command. One of:

                APR_SHELLCMD     --  Anything that the shell can handle
                APR_PROGRAM      --  Executable program   (default) 
                APR_PROGRAM_ENV  --  Executable program, copy environment
                APR_PROGRAM_PATH --  Executable program on PATH, copy env
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The apr_procattr_cmdtype_set function is used to tell APR how you want to execute the external command, it probably just sets an internal flag and does a bit of bookkeeping.

Let us look at the enum apr_cmdtype_e:

use the shell to invoke the program

invoke the program directly, no copied env

invoke the program, replicating our environment

find program on PATH, use our environment

use the shell to invoke the program, replicating our environment

The first and last options (APR_SHELLCMD and APR_SHELLCMD_ENV) pretty much say "use a portable version of system" (with or without copying the current environment variables to the new process). The others are just variations on the Unix fork/exec pair with the flag choosing which of the exec family of functions to use.

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Thank you for your answer. –  Armen B. Aug 1 '12 at 7:08

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