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How can I register global callback on Autofac container which is triggered whenever any object is resolved?

I want to use reflection and check if an object has a method called Initialize() and call it if it does. I want it to be duck typed i.e. no interfaces are required.


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In Autofac you can use the IComponentRegistration interface to subscribe on various lifetime events:

  • OnActivating
  • OnActivated
  • OnRelease

You can get the IComponentRegistration instance by creating a Module and override the AttachToComponentRegistration method:

public class EventModule : Module
    protected override void AttachToComponentRegistration(
        IComponentRegistry componentRegistry, 
        IComponentRegistration registration)
        registration.Activated += OnActivated;

    private void OnActivated(object sender, ActivatedEventArgs<object> e)
        e.Instance.GetType().GetMethod("Initialize").Invoke(e.Instance, null);

Now you only need to register your module in your container builder:

var builder = new ContainerBuilder();

and the OnActivated method will be called after every component activation no mater in which module you have registered the component.

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