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I have a datagrid which maps out to an SQLDataAdapater, one of the rows is an integer which is an id that corresponds to a string.

What I'd like to do in the paint function is:

protected override void Paint( Graphics g, Rectangle bounds, CurrencyManager source, int rowNum, Brush backBrush, Brush foreBrush, bool alignToRight )
     int id = ( ( int )this.PropertyDescriptor.GetValue( source.List[ rowNum ] ) );

     int oldValue = id;
    this.PropertyDescriptor.SetValue( source.List[ rowNum ], "Some Text" );// m_textDataMapping[ id ] );
     base.Paint( g, bounds, source, rowNum, backBrush, foreBrush, alignToRight );
     this.PropertyDescriptor.SetValue( source.List[ rowNum ], oldValue );

I get an error on this.PropertyDescriptor.SetValue about invalid argument exception which I assume it is because of type, if I set another integer it runs fine.

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I do not use the PropertyDescriptor, but its PropertyType is readonly. So, if it is an integer, you can not write text to that value.

If you want to change a field to display some text, you will likely need to change the SQL used in your SqlDataAdapter so that rowNum is displayed as text.

For example, instead of this SQL:

FROM Table1

You could use this version of SQL:

SELECT CAST(ID1 AS nVarChar(50)) AS 'ID1'
FROM Table1

Now, you can treat rowNum as a text field.

However, this does come with a price. Now, you are also going to have to convert values you read in from string values to integer values.

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