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I have written a ruby script which contains the list of files(~250) to be downloaded. Since sequential download will take ages. I thought of downloading each file in a separate thread. Even though I have given the delay of 20, it looks like all the threads are hitting the server at a time. Hence I am getting 502 error and none of the files are downloaded. How can I download all the files parallelly without overloading the server.

#list of fiiles
files = []
threads = []  
files.each do |file|
   threads  <<{ | file |
     #Download the file using either curb or Net::HTTP

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Your threads all have the same delay and you start them all in once. – Yossi Jul 26 '12 at 6:46

You should consider using doing this in the background.

Check out some of the gems that actually dont block and do the things in background - eg., DelayedJob. Also, check out some of the railscasts :

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What about the threads.?? No need for that? – Sriharsha Jul 26 '12 at 6:46

Create a Thread-pool from which new threads are created. This way, you will not create more than the ones provided in the pool and avoid crashing the app/server. Alternatively, take a look at SideKiq This is a multi-threaded alternative to background queue processors like DelayedJob and Resque.

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threads.each {|thread| thread.join; sleep 1}
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