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I am having trouble getting Eclipse 4.2 to work with the latest Android SDK. When I try to drag any of the UI elements from the palette onto the Graphical Layout of the XML, or onto the outline view, nothing happens. Same is true when I try to drag existing elements in a relative layout. I am able to use the XML for the layout but not the designer.

I am also not able to close tabs using the x icon, I have to right click then go to close.

I have tried using Eclipse 3.7, same problem.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Try cleaning the project and run it again. this worked for me.

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The emulator might be running. Try closing the emulator and drag ....it should work !

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Check your XML for warnings displayed as little yellow exclamation marks like this one:

invalid xml tag example

Although my code was running fine this prevents any drag and drop.

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Finally solved by re-downloading eclipse

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Hello I am assume that into your XML file, You can not see the graphical layout. I have also face the same problem when I import the project from the workspace, that time simply close the project and again open the project.It works for me.

And for more Information see this LINK

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