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I am looking for a regular expression in C# to match any of these strings: "+99.99", "-99.99", "99.99". The same regular expression should not match the string "+-99.99". Can any one please suggest an answer.

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[+-]?99\.99 ? – dreamlax Jul 26 '12 at 6:46
What did you try? – fan711 Jul 26 '12 at 6:48
@fan711 What have you tried* – Marty Jul 26 '12 at 6:48
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The following worked for me:

        String regex = "^(\\+|-)?99\\.99$";
        String str1 = "-99.99";
        String str2 = "+99.99";
        String str3 = "99.99";
        String str4 = "+-99.99";

        System.Console.WriteLine(Regex.IsMatch(str1, regex));
        System.Console.WriteLine(Regex.IsMatch(str2, regex));
        System.Console.WriteLine(Regex.IsMatch(str3, regex));
        System.Console.WriteLine(Regex.IsMatch(str4, regex));



True True True False

Explanation: ^ will instruct the regex engine to start matching from the beginning of the string, (\\+|-) denotes a + or - character. The + is a special character in regex syntax and thus needs to be escaped. The OR operator is denoted by the | character.

The ? denotes that the + or - character may or may not be there (it will match 0 or 1 instances of whatever preceeds it).

99\\.99 denotes the string 99.99. The . is also a special character in regex syntax and thus needs to be escaped. The $ character will instruct the regex engine to stop matching at the end of the string.

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That is what I was looking for. Actually I tried with similar expressions but I did not use ^. Thank you for your reply. It helped a lot. – user1553679 Jul 27 '12 at 12:42

Try this one:



[+-]?      any character of: '+', '-' 
           (optional, matching the most amount possible)

\d+         digits (0-9) 
            (1 or more time, matching the most amount possible)

\.          '.'

\d+         digits (0-9) 
           (1 or more times, matching the most amount possible)
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You can test your regex with some online testers (very helpful to learn regex). My favorites are : and

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If you want it to only match positive or negative 99.99, you can use [+-]?99\.99. This regular expression will match 99.99, optionally preceded by a + or - character. If you want to match any number, optionally with up to two decimal places, you could use [+-]?\d{1,}(\.\d{0,2})?.

As usual, if you want the regular expression to match only the entire string, you need to prepend ^ and append $, i.e. ^[+-]?99\.99$.

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