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I'd like to play with Torquebox and have Rails (or e.g. Sinatra) as a frontend, but have all my services and business layer in EJB with CDI and JPA and all that stuff.

1) Can I have it all deployed as one application and use local calls for EJBs

2) If I have Rails, I can use models (no ActiveRecord) just to exchange data with frontend. How can I call EJB services with such models? I mean having:

def create
  user =
  userRepository = inject(Java::com.example.UserRepository)
  userRepository.create(user)  // this is java call

How can I pass User (jruby model to EJB call)? Or should I do

user = Java::com.example.User(params)

instead of plain ruby models.

Basically I'd like to have front in Ruby and the rest of machine in Java EE stack.

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The TorqueBox integration tests have an app that does something similar, see:

It loads an ApplicationScoped bean from lib/ejb.jar, the source of which can be found at:

Hopefully that will get you pointed in the right direction.

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