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I have implemented an application for iphone and android in phoneGap using jQueryMobile

My app is already completed for single html page aND works fine.

now for better performance i used to implemented in separate multiple html files.

in a js file i have implemented code for edit employee information as follows.

         var row = backupInformation;




here alert(row.Emp_Name); popups correct result when click the button but not displayed in textbox

And in a html file for edit page i have implemented text box using jQuery mobile as follows

using **`id = "editEmpName"`**

text box in One of my Html:

<div data-role="fieldcontain" >
          <label for="Empname"  class="ui-input-text" ><b>Employee Name</b></label>
            <input name="Empname" type="text"  id="editEmpName"/>

But in html page one button action onClick="alert(editEmpName)" popus [object HTMLInputElement]

y this [object HTMLInputElement] how to get my value from editEmpName

and hows'd i get the correct value in texbox

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The code which produces the incorrect alert is displaying the HTML element itself, rather than the value of the element. Where does the variable editEmpName get initialised in your JavaScript? If its set to the input element with id 'editEmpName' then you can just do

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