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Below is the error message I receive in the debug area. It runs fine and nothing is wrong except that I receive this error. Would this prevent apple accepting the app? How do I fix it?

2012-07-26 01:58:18.621 Rolo[33597:11303] Unable to simultaneously satisfy constraints.
    Probably at least one of the constraints in the following list is one you don't want. Try this: (1) look at each constraint and try to figure out which you don't expect; (2) find the code that added the unwanted constraint or constraints and fix it. (Note: If you're seeing NSAutoresizingMaskLayoutConstraints that you don't understand, refer to the documentation for the UIView property translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints) 
    "<NSAutoresizingMaskLayoutConstraint:0x887d630 h=--& v=--& V:[UIButtonLabel:0x886ed80(19)]>",
    "<NSAutoresizingMaskLayoutConstraint:0x887d5f0 h=--& v=--& UIButtonLabel:0x886ed80.midY == + 37.5>",
    "<NSAutoresizingMaskLayoutConstraint:0x887b4b0 h=--& v=--& V:[UIButtonLabel:0x72bb9b0(19)]>",
    "<NSAutoresizingMaskLayoutConstraint:0x887b470 h=--& v=--& UIButtonLabel:0x72bb9b0.midY == - 0.5>",
    "<NSLayoutConstraint:0x72bf860 V:[UILabel:0x72bf7c0(17)]>",
    "<NSLayoutConstraint:0x72c2430 UILabel:0x72bfad0.top == UILabel:0x72bf7c0.top>",
    "<NSLayoutConstraint:0x72c2370 UILabel:0x72c0270.top == UILabel:0x72bfad0.top>",
    "<NSLayoutConstraint:0x72c22b0 V:[UILabel:0x72bf7c0]-(NSSpace(8))-[UIButton:0x886efe0]>",
    "<NSLayoutConstraint:0x72c15b0 V:[UILabel:0x72c0270]-(NSSpace(8))-[UIRoundedRectButton:0x72bbc10]>",
    "<NSLayoutConstraint:0x72c1570 UIRoundedRectButton:0x72bbc10.baseline == UIRoundedRectButton:0x7571170.baseline>",
    "<NSLayoutConstraint:0x72c21f0 UIRoundedRectButton:0x7571170.top == UIButton:0x886efe0.top>"

Will attempt to recover by breaking constraint 
<NSLayoutConstraint:0x72bf860 V:[UILabel:0x72bf7c0(17)]>

Break on objc_exception_throw to catch this in the debugger.
The methods in the UIConstraintBasedLayoutDebugging category on UIView listed in <UIKit/UIView.h> may also be helpful.
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This error will only happen in Xcode 4.5, so you can't submit it to the App Store anyway (until it is released) –  borrrden Jul 26 '12 at 7:16
So is there nothing wrong then? And would it be possible to use another version of xcode to be able to submit to app store? –  Johnny Cox Jul 26 '12 at 7:33
Yes, there is something wrong, but its irrelevant because it has to do with a feature of iOS that is not yet available in public Xcode versions. If it compiles with 4.4, you can release it using that version (it was released today). –  borrrden Jul 26 '12 at 7:53
I get this error message for OS X apps in Xcode 4.4. I don't understand it. –  Steve McLeod Aug 3 '12 at 15:15

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The problem you're having is the NSAutoresizingMaskLayoutConstraints should not be in there. This is the old system of springs and struts. To get rid of it, run this method on each view that you're wanting to constrain:

[view setTranslatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints:NO];
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what are some reasons for a view not appearing at all when setting setTranslatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints to NO? –  tote Jun 26 '13 at 19:59
as an example, I create an SSBadgeView (UIView), add an imageView subView to the SSBadgeView, then add the SSBAdgeView as a subview to a UIReuseableView. I add some constraints to the SSBadgeView and setTranslatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints:NO on the SSBadgeView. the image subView of the SSBadgeView is laid out as expected but the SSBadgeView parent of the image is nowhere to be seen. –  tote Jun 26 '13 at 20:00
You forgot to disable TranslatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints in your sub sub views –  Softlion Dec 8 '13 at 22:31

I had this issue because my .xib files were using autolayout.

In the file inspector, first tab. Unticking "Use Autolayout" solved the problem.

autolayout file inspector

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So I did that and it fixed the problem, but a 'UIImageView' I had on top of the screen (which I used as a navigation bar) got moved to the bottom of the screen. Do you know why that happened? –  dietbacon Aug 1 '13 at 23:31
Autolayout uses constraints to govern the layout of objects. Since you just disabled autolayout, these constraints most probably have disappeared and so the position of your UIImageView has changed. You must set this position again, either programmatically or through the Interface Builder. –  Stéphane Bruckert Aug 2 '13 at 13:57

Be careful, that you do not use more than one constraint in the same direction and type.

For example: Vertical constraint for trailing = 15 and another one is >= 10.

Sometimes, Xcode creates some constraints you don't notice. You have to get rid of redundant constraints and the log warning will surely disappear.

enter image description here

Additionaly, you can read and detect some certain reasons, directly from the log:

NSLayoutConstraint:0xa338390 V:|-(15)-[UILabel:0xa331260] (Names: '|':UILabel:0xa330270 )>

This we can read as problem in UILabel constraint, it is leading vertical constraint being 15pt long.

NSLayoutConstraint:0x859ab20 H:-(13)-|[UIView:0x85a8fb0]...

This would be trailing horizontal constraint etc.

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Here is my experience and Solution. I didn't touched code

  1. Select view (UILabel, UIImage etc)
  2. Editor > Pin > (Select...) to Superview
  3. Editor > Resolve Auto Layout Issues > Add Missing Constraints
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I had quite a number of these exceptions thrown, the fastest and easiest way I found to solve them was to find unique values in the exceptions which I then searched for in the storyboard source code. This helped me to find the actual view(s) and constraint(s) causing the problem (I use meaningful userLabels on all of the views, which makes it a lot easier to track the constraints and views)...

So, using the above exceptions I would open the storyboard as "source code" in xcode (or another editor) and look for something I can find...

<NSLayoutConstraint:0x72bf860 V:[UILabel:0x72bf7c0(17)]> 

.. this looks like a vertical (V) constraint on a UILabel with a value of (17).

Looking through the exceptions I also find

<NSLayoutConstraint:0x72c22b0 V:[UILabel:0x72bf7c0]-(NSSpace(8))-[UIButton:0x886efe0]>

Which looks like the UILabel(0x72bf7c0) is close to a UIButton(0x886efe0) with some vertical spacing (8)..

That will hopefully be enough for me to find the specific views in the storyboard source code (probably by searching the text for "17" initially), or at least a few likely candidates. From there I should be able to actually figure out which views these are in the storyboard which will make it a lot easier to identify the problem (look for "duplicated" pinning or pinning that conflicts with size constraints).

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"I use meaningful userLabels" -- what are userLabels in this context? (like how to you set them) –  Stripes May 1 at 23:58
In the Document section of the identity inspector is a field "Label".. that gets translated to a "userLabel" value in the story board source code. –  C James May 2 at 0:29
You can also set them by clicking on a selected view in the left-hand "Overview" panel (a bit like renaming a file in finder) –  C James May 2 at 0:30
Probably the best thing I've read in regards to solving the dreaded "Unable to simultaneously satisfy constraints." pain. I found that the object shown at this point "Will attempt to recover by breaking constraint <NSLayoutConstraint:" is usually the culprit, and as C James says, Probably a height or width constraint that conflicts with pinning constraints. I found it hard to remove the height but as the constraints were correct the height could be gleaned from the other constraints. Adding a height constraint just confused Auto Layout, so that's what I look for now. –  latenitecoder Sep 26 at 19:50

For me the main reason of this problem was that I forgot to uncheck AutoLayout in the Xib editor. In fact, I did a lot of adjustments of the XIB in code.

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