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I am developing one Map project in Android. In this App, Some cluster icons are placed on the map. I want to set a listener for cluster icon click. So i decide to override a method onTap() in my custom overlay class (say ClusterMarker). How could i set listener class for this? Please provide me the right way to do this.......

like, ClusterMarker (my custom Overlay class)

    public boolean onTap(GeoPoint p, MapView mapView) {

        Projection pro = mapView.getProjection();
        Point ct = pro.toPixels(center_, null);
        Point pt = pro.toPixels(p, null);
        return false;


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I found how to create listener class for onTap Event. But actually listener class not needed here. Because My custom Overlay in turn do that work. For that I have to add my custom overlay object to mapview.

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