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in the Layout.cshtml file in own created admin theme for orchard that it contains the below code for display admin UI's header:

 @if (Model.Header != null) {
   <div id="header" role="banner">

Considering that the Model.Header contains two part for display: User.cshtml and Header.cshtml. now what i want to do is to perevent display the header, and in other word i want to display just User.cshtml part existing in Model.Header shape.

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Bertrand's answer is spot on for a front-end theme but as you are referring to a custom admin theme I took at look at Layout.cshtml in TheAdmin.

Just before the snippet you posted there are the following lines which build up the header and footer zones:


Model.Header.Add(Display.User(CurrentUser: WorkContext.CurrentUser));

Remove the first line and the header zone will just contain the User shape.

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Just don't add it in the first place. The code that adds the user shape to the header zone is right there in the layout.cshtml template. I don't know what theme you're using but in the theme machine, it's this line of code:

WorkContext.Layout.Footer.Add(New.User(), "10")
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