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I've got some dates in my documents and trying to manipulate them. I was expecting the JavaScript to support standard date methods such as the toISOString(), but to my surprise I get an error Database command 'mapreduce' failed: (assertion: 'invoke failed: JS Error: TypeError: entry.start.toISOString is not a function nofile_b:0'; assertionCode: '9004'; errmsg: 'db assertion failure'; ok: '0.0').

How can I find out what is supported by the Map Reduce runtime environment?

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Are you sure that entry.start is a Date? –  mu is too short Jul 26 '12 at 7:22
@muistooshort yes there is. I can call entry.start.toUTCString() but not entry.start.toISOString() –  Arman Jul 26 '12 at 7:25

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I find the easiest way to debug map reduce is to break down the components and use the console.

Unfortunately, it seems in the embedded spidermonkey engine there is no toISOString

> d = new Date()
> d.to<tab-complete>
  d.toDateString(        d.toLocaleString(      d.toTimeString(
  d.toGMTString(         d.toLocaleTimeString(  d.toUTCString(
  d.toLocaleDateString(  d.toString(            d.tojson(

So you'd have to generate your own, I cheated by using to json and using substr:

> d.tojson().substr(9, 24)
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