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I have some ruby code like this:

result1 = function_1(params)
result2 = function_2(params)
result3 = function_3(params)

But sometimes some of them can take too much time to work (this functions are depends on internet connection speed). I need to terminate execution of function if it takes more then 5 second. How I should do it with ruby-way?

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require 'timeout'
timeout_in_seconds = 20
  Timeout::timeout(timeout_in_seconds) do
    #Do something that takes long time
rescue Timeout::Error
  # Too slow!!
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You could use Timeout.

require 'timeout'
status = Timeout::timeout(5) {
  # Something that should be interrupted if it takes too much time...
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One of the coolest libs in Ruby. –  cevaris Jul 17 '14 at 2:57

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