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I have multiple named scopes in my model. They have different names but same parameters. Now, when I use these named scopes based on a condition I have to duplicate the entire parameters all the time. Is there anyway to avoid that?

For ex: In my say a Product model:

named_scope :example1, lambda{ |parameter1, parameter2|{
 //some code here//

named_scope :example2, lambda{ |parameter1, parameter2|{
 //some code here//

named_scope :example3, lambda{ |parameter1, parameter2|{
 //some code here//

Now, I want to use these based on condition


Product.example1(param1, param2)

elsif (condition)

Product.example2(param1, param2)


Product.example3(param1, param2)

Is there any way to call it like this in ruby:

variable = example1 //I can get the name of named_scope here

Product.variable(param1, param2). //The relevant named_scope should be used.
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You can use Object#send do send Product a message (aka call a method).

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Thanks a lot @bento... Worked like a charm...Need 15 rep points to vote up this answer :( – Vamsi Krishna Jul 26 '12 at 9:26

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