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Got quite an annoying quirk going on with CI validation;

  1. I have a 4 step form, has to be done this way for the user interactions.

  2. Step 1 has two drop down menus; you select the data, click next, this goes to Step 2

  3. In Step 2, there is further validation (just for step 2), however coming from Step 1 with 2 POST values always triggers the Step 2 form validation, this happens even before any attempt is made to POST Step 2.

Wondering how people get round this, it makes using CI validation in stepped forms a little problematic!

Thanks in advance

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You may alter this to fit your actual logic, but ... name your submit buttons "step1", "step2", "step3" and "step4" respectively and check which one is submitted, like this:

if (isset($_POST['step1']))
    // validate for Step 1
elseif (isset($_POST['step2']))
     // validate for Step 2

// etc.

You can do the same with a hidden input field telling which form you're submitting.

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I've tried this in CI terms and it wont work. Need someone with specific CodeIgniter example to step in if possible. Also I think you misunderstand the problem. Thanks, – MarkH Jul 26 '12 at 8:16
There are no "CI terms" for this, unless you insist that $this->input->post() is used for checking instead of $_POST, which is pointless in this case. You just need to validate only the fields for the form that is submitted. – Narf Jul 26 '12 at 8:54
I meant for the logic you provided it didn't translate to CI method very well, never the less the issue is solved. – MarkH Jul 26 '12 at 9:32

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