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Right now I have:

Time.strftime("%I:%M%p") which gives me the hr:min AM/PM format which I need. However it's coming back in UTC and I need it local time zone.

How do I change it to local time zone and keep that same format for time?

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i wish the title of this article would be changed to reflect that the author asked about Time not DateTime. This is leading to misleading search results. I got here from google thinking this was about changing a DateTime object to local time by searching 'local datetime in rails' – Hayk Saakian Jan 29 '13 at 6:48
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Also, remember that as of Rails 2.1, Timezones are supported.

in your config/environment.rb file:

config.time_zone = 'UTC'

You can find other values by running

 rake time:zones:local

And Ryan Bates has a great railscast on it:

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Generally that should work. You may have your time-zone set incorrectly, though:"%I:%M%p") # => "12:48PM""%I:%M%p") # => "04:48PM""%I:%M%p") # => "12:48PM" # => "EDT"

This can be affected by the TZ environment variable, your OS locale settings, or your Rails configuration in environment.rb.

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