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Possible Duplicate:
JavaScript equivalent to printf/string.format
replace all occurrences in a string

see title. see the following variable, how can i replace all '%s' with other string?

var s = 'qwer%sqwer%s';

please advice

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Why do you want a regex? What have you tried? – Bergi Jul 26 '12 at 8:03
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Use .replace method.

var s = 'qwer%sqwer%s';
s = s.replace(/%s/g, 'other');
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Try this:

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You can Use replace() function for replacing string Ex.

 var getnewstring = s.replace("%s","YOUR STRING");
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Use the .replace method

var s = 'qwer%sqwer%s';
s=s.replace('%s','your string')
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