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I'm trying to make nusoap webservice in opencart . For that I have download nusoap library and copied it into system/library/lib, then I have created a controller class in checkout module like this

    class ControllerCheckoutCamero extends Controller { 
      public function index() {

    // Create the server instance
    $server = new soap_server();
    // Initialize WSDL support
    $server->configureWSDL('hellowsdl', 'urn:hellowsdl');

    // Register the method to expose
    $server->register('hello',                // method name
        array('name' => 'xsd:string'),        // input parameters
        array('return' => 'xsd:string'),      // output parameters
        'urn:hellowsdl',                      // namespace
        'urn:hellowsdl#hello',                // soapaction
        'rpc',                                // style
        'encoded',                            // use
        'Says hello to the caller'            // documentation
    // Define the method as a PHP function
    function hello($name) {
            return 'Hello, ' . $name;
    // Use the request to (try to) invoke the service


then i have checked my controller by accessing localhost/myopencart/index.php?route=checkout/camero

and I get nusoap default webservice page like this enter image description here

But when I clicked on WSDL link on that page , I get redirected to opnecart home page

I think opencart router make this problem , but i don't know how to handle it ,I'm just started to explore opencart. I have found similar question here , but i didn't find proper answer .Can anyone give some advice . Thanks in advance

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I think you code is correct. I was trying it myself and it should work if you go to localhost/myopencart/index.php?route=checkout/camero&wsdl

nusoap code will use PHP_SELF and thus will not put the full URL for your service.

Also, when coding the client, use $client = new nusoap_client('http://localhost/myopencart/index.php?route=checkout/camero&wsdl', true); ...

Hope that's help

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