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I would like to read a lot of files from different folders. Now I asking myself what is the smartest way. For now Im using

    DirectoryInfo directory = new DirectoryInfo(myPath);
    FileInfo[] files = directory.GetFiles("*.txt");

so I have a list with all the files and I can iterate through them (read them one by one).

Is that alright? Is there a way to reorder the list, so that I have always the oldest file at the top. Thats maybe a good ide, because I would like to start reading the oldest file and at last the newest. Any ideas?

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List<FileInfo> files = directory
    .OrderBy(f => f.LastWriteTime)

See FileInfo and FileSystemInfo for a comprehensive list of fields you can order by.

Here's an example in VB.NET

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You could fetch the files from the directory and then just sort them by their creation date:

DirectoryInfo info = new DirectoryInfo(myPath);
FileInfo[] files = info.GetFiles("*.txt").OrderBy(f => f.CreationTime).ToArray();

Now the files array contains your files ordered by their creation date. And by altering the lambda expression from OrderBy, you can sort them by anything:

  • by last modified time: OrderBy(f => f.LastWriteTime)
  • by name: OrderBy(f => f.Name)

..and so on. Your output also doesn't have to be an array. It can be converted to a List<FileInfo>, as well, by replacing the final ToArray() with a ToList().

And if you ever need to sort in reverse order, you can simply use OrderByDescending(...) to get the desired result.

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After your code, do this:

FileInfo[] orderedFiles = files.OrderBy(x => x.CreationTime).ToArray();

.. or better yet, get them sorted in the first place:

DirectoryInfo directory = new DirectoryInfo(myPath);
FileInfo[] files = directory.GetFiles("*.txt")
                   .OrderBy(x => x.CreationTime).ToArray();
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