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I want graph which shows one main label on x-axis and other two sublabels which shows current date and previous day date of equaly divided into 24 hours. My y-axis is same for that. I dont know what exactly word for division of x axis. if any one knows plz suggest. Thanks

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Just Check With CPTTestApp project in your CorePlot_1.0 example.

All you need to do is Create an another x axis for the same graph.

axisSet.xAxis2 = [(CPTXYAxis *)[CPTXYAxis alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectZero];

Add the properties which you need to display.Where you can add your custom label.

Finally add all axis into the graph.

graph.axisSet.axes = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:axisSet.xAxis,axisSet.yAxis, axisSet.xAxis2,nil];

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